How To Create Invisible Folders in Windows XP

by on March 31, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

Many of you must have ever felt the need to hide some files. This little tutorial will help you in making perfect invisible folders, without using any application. :)

So simply follow the steps below and you’ll have your invisible folder in no time.

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Ipconfig Commands For Fixing the Internet

A few days back, my Internet connection was giving me a lot of problems. For some reason it wasn’t opening this site, when it was able to open all the rest of the sites of the world :S.

A little Google-ing got me a pretty handful of IP command lines that can be used to fix Internet connection problems from Command Prompt.

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How To Import Windows Live Messenger Contacts

by on March 24, 2007
in Tips and Tricks

Yesterday, while chatting with my friend (a computer freak!), I came to know that being a highly computer-addicted teen doesn’t make you a genius.

While chatting, he asked me how he could import all of his MSN/WLM contacts from address to the other. I was surprised by his question!

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Mozilla Firefox Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

by on March 21, 2007
in Firefox, Internet, Tips and Tricks

Firefox is my favourite web browser, and I have been using it as my primary browser for a long time. If you are looking for an ultimate list of tips and tricks for Firefox, I ‘d recommend you to give the following tips a read.

I’m sure there would be many such tips that you didn’t know of before.

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Tweak Guide for Windows Vista

by on March 21, 2007
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Windows


The TweakGuides site has just released a free tweak guide for Windows Vista that includes various Vista tips, tricks and tweaks they have discovered till now.

This free e-book is a massive 250 page e-book that has everything from basics to advanced stuff and is definitely worth a read.

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Faster Login for Gmail and Orkut

Last night, somehow, I stumbled upon Tricks4Fun where I found this cool trick to open Gmail and Orkut faster. This trick can be a really very useful for people who use slow dial-up connections. :D

Faster Gmail Interface
To check your mails in a fast way, then simply open and login in with your username and password. Pretty simple, eh? Actually, this interface was created for cell phone users, who want to check their mails. So, slow internet users can take advantage of this and use this to check their mails. :)

Faster Orkut Login
As you all know, that the main Orkut page consists of number of images and that heavy login box. So, just to skip that you can use this alternate log-in page to login your Orkut account. Just point your browser to this url and the log-in page will open. :D

Enjoy! :D

Make Your Firefox Much Faster

by on March 18, 2007
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

Here’s a little tweak by which you could speed up your firefox. It worked for me, may be it will work for you guys too.

Just follow the steps below and you are ready to surf the web faster with Firefox.

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Read and Organize Feeds with RSS Menu

by on March 18, 2007
in Internet

RSS Menu is a very simple application that allows you to read any RSS or Atom feeds which can be found all over the internet. In addition, you can also listen to your favorite podcasts.

The application is a system wide menu, so you can check out your feeds from anywhere. You don’t need to switch from a certain application to read your feeds.

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100+ Windows XP Run Commands

by on March 17, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows, Windows XP

If you are looking for a big list of Run commands to use in Windows, you can try out the list below.

Run commands can provide you with quick and easy access to utilities and tools in Windows.

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