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by on February 16, 2007
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Getting listed in the Top 10 Search Results for a particular keyword on Big search engine daddies like Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live Search is not an easy job. Especially when the competition in the Search Engine market is so tough. Every single web master or even Blogger wants to get High search engine ranking position, the reason is that higher the ranking means more traffic and similarly more revenue in return.

WordPress is indeed the best open-source blogging software in the internet blogging industry. But still, we can take more out of its Search Engine friendly features than it already provides, all thanx to the development of some plugins.

If you search Google for “Best SEO Plugins” you will find lot of blogs with their list of best search engine optimization plugins for wordpress but everyone has got its priorities. And proudly I can say that the WordPress SEO Plugins and Tips that I shall share with you will get your blog listed in Top Search Engine Ranking in less than 2 weeks.

1. Ultimate Tag Warrior 3:
The All-In-One SEO Plugin for WordPress is a magic. Created by Christine Davis, and as he says, this plugin is a multi-header hydra of a plugin with so many features. The plugin boasts features like adding tags in posts manually, using an AJAX box or even by using special syntax from external editors. You can also fetch keywords from Yahoo! Keyword suggestion service. Once you enter the keywords you have just entered a multi-dimensional zone which allows you to utilize the potential of this plugin to as much as you like. You can add these keywords to the META of the post (Very useful feature because Search Engines even today rely on Meta Keywords to check the frequency of a keyword content on a web page), You can also Tag Technorati with the help of these keywords (Useful to get traffic for a particular keyword) and You can make a Tag Cloud (Helps your blog visitors search for top rated and relevant content). This plugin, if I m not exaggerating is your wordpress SEO oxygen :D

2. Head META Description:
Created by Kaf Oseo, this plugin is also one of the search engine love-birds :) The plugins provides an automatic META Description tag for your blog, inserting a dynamic description depending on the query-type. Even today, like META Keywords most of the Top Search Engine daddies rely on this META to get information about a specific web page thus helping in better and fast indexing. You can configure the plugin as you desire. One can change the description length, excerpt length, custom description key etc. A useful plugin to to help you get listed on SERP.

3. Feedburner Feed Replacement:
As described by Reilly in Web 2.0 standards that Feeds are next generation of content syndication that help you fetch latest news from a blog/site without actually visiting the site. With the advent of Web 2.0 standards Feed burning has become popular as you can get site updates right at your desktop and has proved itself instrumental in building web traffic to ones site. WordPress also has built-in RSS, RSS2 and ATOM Feeds however they do not give detailed statistics about Feed Subscribers, Feed Burns etc. Steve Smith makes it easy for us to use content syndication feeds with WordPress. The Feedburner Feed Replacement Plugin that he created forwards all your blog Feed traffic to Feedburner thus giving you a much broader zone to handle the way you want your feeds to run. Feedburner helps you manage your feeds in a very effective way by providing you a complete administration panel to alter/change the behavior of your feeds.

4. No Ping Wait:

Building traffic and getting readers to read the content on your Blog can be quite a difficult task at start. Thanx to WordPress Update Services Feature it lets a blogger ping the top pinging sites and content services. By default, WordPress updates only 3 Content Pinging services. But you can add more to the list at “WordPress Admin > Options > Writing”.

A list of Pinging sites that are pinged by Sizlopedia on every content update:


However this can slow down posting a lot and can even break your post markup. For this we have a magic plugin called No Ping Wait by Robert Deaton. What this plugin does is that it speeds up posting by moving generic pings to execute-pings.php thus making pinging a totally different process to posting and in return your posts are published fast and even pinged to all pinging sites.

5. Google Sitemaps:
This plugin, created by Arne Brachhold, no wonder, is the King of all SEO Plugins for WordPress. XML Sitemaps are very important key elements to get indexed by the Search Engine Daddies. This plugin creates an XML Sitemap of your blog on the fly which is supported by Google, MSN Live Search, Yahoo and other big search engines. Getting Indexed in Top Search Engines is the first and primary goal of a web master, the SEO comes after it. Indeed a great and Cant-Live-Without Plugin.

6. Social Bookmarks Plugin:
Another important element in Web 2.0 standards is Social Bookmarking Sites. These sites help you bookmark pages/posts/blogs/sites easily for later view and lets you share stuff with internet users like a social community. The top social bookmark sites incorporate StumbleUpon, Digg, Del.icio.us, Technorati, Furl, Ma.Gnolia, etc. This plugin, made by Apostolos Dountsis makes it easy for your blog readers to share your content/post with other readers on the web thus helping you in building a descent traffic and getting a good Search Engine ranking.

7. WWW Redirect:
Most of you would disagree with me if I say that this is a very important SEO plugin for wordpress too but still it has its uses. Created by Justin Shattuck, the plugin redirects all your domain traffic to your WWW domain. What it does is that it redirects variations of identical domain requests to a consistent Uri (i.e. http://abc.com to http://www.abc.com ). This is very important and must not be ignored in cases such as determination of Google Pagerank. If you do not redirect all your traffic to WWW trust me on this one you will most likely have 2 different pageranks for your blog. One will be of the WWW domain and the other will be of No-WWW domain. Thus the plugin is effective in getting you a constant Google Pagerank which is an evaluation of your site popularity in Search Engines.

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