Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

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Huge Keyboard Shortcut List
What is the allure of keyboard shortcuts? Do they really save time? Why bother since my mouse is permanently attached to my hand?
I like to use keyboard shortcuts, especially if someone is watching me, because they make me look like a pro. With just a few key strokes I can leave a mouser spinning his wheel! Whatever your motivation, here’s a big list of keyboard shortcuts:


ALT- F4 – Quit a program / Shut down
ALT-TAB – Hold down the ALT key and hit tab to cycle through open windows.
CTL-ESCAPE – Display the Start menu
SHIFT – TAB – tab backwards through a form
CTRL – X – Cut
CTRL – C – Copy
CTRL – V – Paste
F1 – Help menu
CTRL – Z – Undo
SHIFT & Restart – To restart just windows and not your whole computer, hold down the shift key when you click the OK button on the shutdown screen. Saves lots of time. (not for XP)
CRTL-TAB – Navigate tabs on a tabbed screen


Hold SHIFT while inserting a CD – Prevents the CD from “autorunning”
If an item is selected:
CTRL while dragging a file – Copies the file
CTRL – SHIFT while dragging a file – Creates a shortcut to the file
SHIFT – DELETE – Deletes an item without sending it to the recycle bin.
ALT-ENTER – Display a file’s properties.
F2 – To rename the file
In Windows Explorer:
LEFT ARROW – Collapse the current selection if it is expanded
NUM LOCK-MINUS SIGN (-) – Collapse the selected folder
RIGHT ARROW – Expand the current selection if it is collapsed -Or- Select the first subfolder
NUM LOCK- * Expand all folders below the current selection
NUM LOCK- PLUS SIGN (+) – Expand the selected folder
F6 – Switch between left and right panes

In My Computer:
BACKSPACE – View the folder one level up
ALT- RIGHT ARROW – Move forward to a previous view
ALT- LEFT ARROW -Move backward to a previous view

For Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7 (may work in older versions)
Open History Window Ctrl+H
Reload Ctrl+R
Back (Previous Page) Alt+Left Arrow or Alt+Backspace
Forward (Next Page) Alt+Right Arrow
Stop Esc
Home Alt+Home
Go to Bottom of Page End
Go to Top of Page Home
New Window Ctrl+N
Close WIndow Ctrl+W
Go Up one Line Up Arrow
Go Down One Line Down Arrow
Full Screen (toggle) F11
Find on Page Ctrl+F
Add Current Page to Favorites Ctrl+D
Print Current Page
or Active Frame Ctrl+P
Organize Favorites (IE)/
Manage Bookmarks (NS)
Maximize a Window Alt+Space+x
Minimize a window Alt+Space+N
Scroll page up Alt+Up Arrow
Scroll page down Alt+Down Arrow

Internet Explorer ONLY

Open Favorites Bar Ctrl+I
Select text in address bar Alt+D
Force Reload (not from cache) Ctrl+F5
A faster way to type in addresses with IE is to just type in the name of the site:
and hit CTRL + Enter. The “http://www. ” and “.com” will be added for you! Read more..

Hilary Duff Photoshoot Pictures

by on February 23, 2007
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I have collected some pictures of Hilary Duff from Picsopedia

Click the album below to see them:

Club Penguin Cheats

by on February 22, 2007
in Gaming

Club Penguin is a very popular multiplayer game from THis is mainly for young kids, but it’s such an addicting game that even adults like playing it.

Thanks to Sanity Penguin for compiling all the hints, cheats and tricks from Club Penguin.

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PlayStation 3 Movie Downloads

by on February 20, 2007
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As part of Sony’s long-range plans for its newest gaming console, the PlayStation 3 will be getting a movie-download service as well as additional music and HDTV capabilities.

The PlayStation platform continues to evolve both in software and firmware revisions, noted Phil Harrison, president of Sony’s worldwide studios, in an interview with gaming publication 1UP. Even during the heyday of the earlier console, the PS2, Sony noted that the platform would be destined for more than gaming.

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Google Acquiring Adscape for $29 Million

by on February 18, 2007
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GOOGLE has agreed to acquire in-game advertising company Adscape Media for $US23 million ($29 million), according to technology site Red Herring, which cited sources familiar with the matter.

A Google spokesman declined to comment, saying the company’s policy is not to respond to “rumour or speculation”. Video game industry analysts said the acquisition could give a boost to the nascent in-game advertising market.Adscape competes with advertising start-ups Double Fusion and IGA Worldwide, which have already signed deals with major publishers.

It also has a rival in Microsoft, which last year paid $US200 million for in-game ad company Massive Inc – lured by Massive’s agreements to place ads in online games from UbiSoft Entertainment, THQ and Take-Two Interactive Software.

“My take on this probable deal is that it doesn’t make a lot of difference to Google but it does provide significant credibility to the game marketing space,” Forrester Research analyst Shar Van Boskirk said.

An Adscape spokeswoman previously said that the company struck deals with video game publishers, but that for strategic reasons it was not revealing names or commenting on the Google acquisition speculation. A company representative was not immediately available for comment.

While Adscape is seeking deals with virtually all major publishers, its value is expected to be based largely on its team and its technology that places dynamic ads on billboards, or vending machines that appear in video games. Adscape, which has received funding from HIG Ventures in Atlanta, is poised to be the big winner if a deal is struck because Google built its multi-billion-dollar web search advertising business with a huge roster of large and small marketers and now has a large, experienced ad sales staff.

Toshiba 8GB, World’s Smallest Hard-Drive!

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What’s this? Not a Chiclet but an 8GB hard drive! Toshiba showed off its tiny, 0.85-inch hard drive last night, which is so small that it may have to be slapped with a “choking hazard” warning. It actually has a Guinness Book of World Records entry and weighs all of 2 grams. The drive has just jumped from 4GB to 8GB…can 16GB be far behind?

Hmm… Now, where are we going to plug in the cables? ;)

Oldest .COM Domains – A List of 100 Domains

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It is rare to find a log or history of what were the oldest .COM domains to get registered. Below is a list of the 100 oldest .COM domains registered.

I’ve divided them by rank, registration date and domain name. You probably must have heard of many of them, but most of them were new for me.

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Miscellaneous Wallpapers. My Old Collection

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Check out my little collection of wallpapers. Here’s a link to my album:

Useful Windows XP Tips and Tweaks

by on February 16, 2007
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Here are some useful Windows XP tips and tweaks. I hope you like them.

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Opening Ports or Adding Allowed Programs with SP2:
1. Click on Start / Run
2. Enter in firewall.cpl
3. Click on the Exceptions tab

Adding a Port for Internet Access:
1. Click on the Add Port button
2. Name it whatever you want
3. Enter in the ports you want to open

Adding a Program for Internet Access:
1. Click on Add Program button
2. A list of all installed programs will be displayed
3. Highlight the one you want to include for Internet access
4. Click on the OK button

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